Tips & Safety

Not Even Whales Swim Alone

Swimmers should always be in groups of at least two or more and stay together. Stay close to shore where appropriate (careful to avoid rocks, many of which cannot be easily seen and lie just below the water surface). There are several swimmers in the area of varying capabilities who would love to join you. Email us or check out the Facebook page to connect with fellow swimmers.

Swim within your capability and never push yourself.  Be mindful of ocean conditions and currents. They can make your swim feel stronger when going with current or wind, so plan accordingly so that you can safely return. It’s best to swim into the general direction of the current and/or wind when starting out and using it to your advantage on the return. However note that ocean conditions and temperatures can change quickly.

Be visible: Tell others when you’re heading out off the beach, wear a bright cap that is noticeable from afar, and if swimming in a group that has escort kayaks, boats or paddle boards, be sure to tell them how many swimmers there are in the group so they know how many swimmers to account for.

Speaking of temperatures, waters in this region tend to remain cool even throughout the summer months. Wetsuits are strongly recommended if the water temperature is uncomfortable or if you are not used to swimming in colder conditions. Even in warmer temperatures such as 68 or higher, depending on your body makeup, your limbs and core can still become cold. Error on the side of caution.

Here is a must read on open water swimming safety: Open Water Swimming Story

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