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Swim Routes

Nantasket Beach along the shoreline – To the bathhouse (0.4 miles), Bay Street (.75 miles; just beyond hotel), or all the way to Point Allerton (3.25 miles).

Nantasket Beach to Gunrock Beach: swim east and hang a right around the rocks and swim into the cove (careful of rocks). It’s about 0.5 miles or 1.0 mile round-trip.

Nantasket Beach to Beach at Driftway: swim east and hang a right around the rocks, swim past Gunrock Beach and head to the second cove, which is off of Driftway. The swim is about 1.0 mile each way or 2.0 miles round trip.

Nantasket Beach to Black Rock Beach: swim east and hang a right around the rocks, swimming past Gunrock, past the 2nd cove, keeping the jetty and rocks to your right (you can only swim through at very high tide) and toward Black Rock Beach. It’s about 1.5 miles one way or 3.0 miles round-trip.

Black Rock Beach to St. Joseph Retreat Cove: head east-southeast along the coast until you reach the first beach cove beneath the St. Joseph Retreat (please be respectful of the private property). This is a nice place to rest before returning. It’s approximately 1.75 miles round-trip

Black Rock Beach to Sandy Beach: head east-southeast along the coast. You can stop and rest at the first beach or continue straight through to Sandy Beach. You can have a ride take you back or for the extremely ambitious swim back to Black Rock. It’s approximately 1.5 miles each way, 3 miles round trip so swim safe and plan accordingly.

Check back for more swims and please feel free to suggest your own by emailing us at

For most swims, we meet in the most South East parking lot of Nantasket Beach, which is the first entrance on your right as you drive in on the 228 (Nantasket Ave./Hull Ave).

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