3 Crusty Barnacles compete at Marshfield/Duxbury Tri, Jul 31, 2016

Susan McGinnis, Trish Berube & Vic Lanzillotti hit the waters this morning around 7:30 at Duxbury beach.  The run out and back along the beach became adventurous as the tide rolled in and the hard packed sand disappeared and we were running in water or up along the slippery rocks.

Each CBer had a unique division placement, all good for some cocktail party banter – perhaps.

Trish ended 4th in her division. Yeah Trish!  Had she not stopped for a glass of wine in Transition 1, she would have medalled.  Not pictured below cos she left early to go walk her dog.

Susan took the gold for not only 1st in her division, but also for last!  (Now…how  is this so?  Think about it.)

Sue Marshfield

Susan & Vic

Sue Vic Marshfield

Vic, ignominiously borrowing Susan’s medal for achieving last in his over 40+ division.


A fun, flat and very  pretty race!

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