Crabs with Attitudes Spotted at Nantasket…

While whale and dolphin sightings can’t be guaranteed, you will definitely see some crabs with attitude. The water is still a bit crisp but really clear and the weather will be hot so come cool off and enjoy an ocean swim this weekend.

Meeting 8am both weekend days at the first entrance at Nantasket (or for early risers, I’ll be there by 6:30 am).


Embrace Your Inner Ocean Swimmer

We have another perfect forecast for ocean swimming this weekend. The Boston buoy has the water above 60 and the forecast for tomorrow is for calm waters. Here’s a photo of what you can expect around 8:00 am tomorrow morning and Sunday morning. Arrive before hand to beat the parking attendants. Early birds are encouraged for a 6:30 am start like last weekend.

To the sea…

Open water swim season at Nantasket is officially open. This sat will be the smoothest of the weekend. 8:00 am usual time or 6:30 early bird. Water temp is above 60 for the time being. See u there.

Ya Gotta Get Out to the Sea

Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 8.48.23 PMSome inexplicable 10-15 degree shift in the water temps occurred this week, making the open water swimming conditions ideal for this weekend. The image of the buoy reading from this evening says it all. On top of that, based on this morning’s swim, the water is the clearest it’s been all summer. Hope to see everyone out there Sat and Sun.

City Splash and Sightings!


I hope everyone enjoyed the water and weekend. Two exciting swim developments. First, mark your calendar for City Splash, July 18, 2017 – Get info & register. It’s a great way to support continued efforts to keep the Charles clean and build further support to have a permanent swimming hole in our great downtown Boston.

The other exciting development was the first white friend sighting around noon yesterday on the S. Shore, off Minot Light, courtesy of Maria Osborne who shared photos with Sharktivity. If you don’t already have the sharktivity app, it’s a fun and worthwhile one from The conservation efforts to protect these great creatures is paying off. While their close presence may play mind games while we’re in the water, the benefit they have to the ecosystem in immeasurable. Here are a couple of screen shots form the app.



Best-Seats-in-the-House Giveaway for Sunday Boston Sporting Event

Now’s your chance to get the best seat in the house to a premier Boston sporting event this Sunday. Being on the sideline for the Patriots or behind home plate for the Red Sox doesn’t compare to being on the water at the start of the Cohasset Triathlon in a paddle board of kayak. A few slots are available for anyone interested in volunteering to be on the water Sunday from 6:30 am until the last swimmer exits the water. The forecast is for a perfect day with clear skies, warm weather and calm but chilling waters.  If you’re interested and available email me at and I’ll get you the details.

Otherwise, the regular swim from Nantasket Beach is still on from the same place at the same time, 8am. As a word of parking caution the DCR is now enforcing parking even if you arrive prior to 8am. The fee is $60 for an annual pass to all parks or you can pay $10 per day. Given the incredible resource DCR is to our state, it’s a worthy cause to support. You can order online through Reserve America.

Take care and keep enjoying the ocean.