Impromptu Sat. Swim @ Nantasket 7:30 AM

Given the water conditions and the wonderful weather, we’re having an impromptu Sat swim (June 23 just in case). For those interested, and assuming no t-storms are present, swimmers will be meeting at 7:30 am at the usual place in Nantasket. We’ll either go along the coast or if interested, we can head south to Gunrock Beach. Round trip, this swim is about one mile depending on the tide.

Also, those who are not participating in the Cohasset Triathlon or one mile swim, folks are still meeting at the same time and place on Sun (7:45 AM from the start of Nantasket). Sorry about any confusion on that. We may however not have the usual supply of coffee and bagels, but you never know.

Enjoy the weekend…

Weekend Swim Reminder; Swim Across America Team Forming for July 14

Reminder that folks will be swimming both in Hull Sun meeting at 7:45 am (or thereabouts) from the start of Nantasket, and in either the Cohasset Tri or One Mile Swim. If you would like to participate in the one-mile swim, space if available and you can register by clicking here.

The Crusty Barnacles have also formed a Swim Across America Team for the event in Hull, MA on Sat. July 14. It starts at 9:00 am with a post-swim celebration at the Red Parrot. To register for the team, click here.

The water temps have definitely risen, now up to 64 degrees, where it’s comfortable going without wetsuit (at least on the surface). But as we all know, this can change quickly. Otherwise, forecast is for flat seas, which is no fun for surfing, but excellent for swimming so get out and swim.

Jun. 24 Swim @ Nantasket or Cohasset – Take Your Pick

Great showing of swimmers yesterday, especially given the wind and waves. And thanks especially to whomever brought the coconut sprinkled caramel layered brownie treats – we owe you for treating us to such a delicacy after getting pushed around by the ocean for an hour.

For this coming weekend, we anticipate a low turnout at Nantasket on Sunday given how many of you are signed up for either the Cohasset triathlon or its one-mile swim-only event or the traffic issues in and around the area that these events may pose.  Plans are still on to meet at the same time, 7:45/8:00 am, and at the same place.

However, for those interested, there is still room to join several of us who have signed up for the swim-only event, which I definitely recommend. It should start at around 9am from Sandy Beach (shuttles in and out of the area will be provided). The early forecast is showing the waters will be calm with little to no swell and only a slight breeze so it should make for ideal swimming conditions. Information and registration details can be found at the following link –

If there’s a large enough turnout for the swim, I’m guessing it could mean more organized open water swim events in the future, which would be a very good thing.