Cupid Splash March 24 at Nantasket

For Saturday March 24 at Noon, Save the Harbor/Save the Bay is hosting its Annual Cupid Splash (it would be in Feb. but you get better turnout in March). It’s being held across eight locations along the harbor. The Nantasket Beach Splash will be at the Mary Jeanette Murray Bathhouse and importantly, post-event festivities at Daddy’s Beach Club just down the street. Crusty Barnacles will be meeting at 11:30 AM or earlier and caps will be provided to any new members.

We’ve set a very modest goal of raising $500. To get more info, go to the event homepage and join Team Crusty Barnacles. And remember, the term “Splash” is merely an advisory. Those wanting to swim a bit further are encouraged to do so. Those with Paddle Boards, Longboards, or Kayaks are also encouraged to join in on the fun.

There couldn’t be a better way to give back to the wonderful resource we are so fortunate to have the opportunity to take advantage of.

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