Weekend Review; Weekend Preview

Another wonderful weekend of swimming with swimmers coming out Sat and Sun.

We still haven’t heard how the triathletes did this weekend. Share the good news if you got it. Meg and her friends Jane and Greg completed a 2.4 mile ocean swim from Peaks Island to Portland ME – this will make for a run road trip next year (see their photo below of the impressive feat).

Kimberlee was awarded  Dolphin Dave for swimming strongly sans wetsuit after a multi-week sabbatical and rumor has it, and there is photographic proof below to substantiate it, that Vic is now a grandpa.

Otherwise, we’re on again this weekend at the usual times, 7:30 am Sat and 8:00 am Sun from Nantasket.

Lastly, the order for the famous CB Swim Caps went in officially today and should be arriving in a couple of weeks.

One thought on “Weekend Review; Weekend Preview

  1. Hi Crusty Barnacles, the Marsh Madness Triathlon in Duxbury Beach Park was excellent. Water was calm, minimal wind, temp was in the 70’s in the morning. My official swim time was 8:26 minutes with official pace at 33:43 min/mi. I could not believe my eyes. This compares to my Cohasset Triathlon swim time was 15:00 minutes with official pace at 57:12 min/mi. One thing I did do since Cohasset was swim every weekend with the CB, and swim on Tuesday and Thursdays also to get in shape for the Marsh Madness. See you all on Sunday. -Fu

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