Season underway May 19 officially following impromtu swim this morning

Guest blog today from Vic sans the photos (which are available upon request by email)…

All, Winter is over!.  After consulting with the founding fathers, distaff power brokers and other aquatic cognoscenti, it has been determined that the Crusty Barnacles season officially starts a week from today, Sunday, May 19th.  Objective is to be in the water at 8am, get there 15-20 minutes early!

Logo laden Merchandise.   Steve Golden has been busy the last few months doing the research for having hoodie sweatshirts designed and ordered for the group.   It will be zip up, high quality fleece material, with the logo front and back that is on the orange swim cap — the logo Kimberlee designed. Outlay will probably be around $45, give or take a few bucks, based on quantities we order.  If, repeat “if,” you are interested in this idea and think you would probably order one, please let Steve Golden know at
Don’t Reply All or we’ll clog one another’s emails in box.

BetaTest at Nantucket this morning.   Steve G, Chris K, Vic and Kimberlee tested the ocean this morning at 8am.The ocean passed the test.  Waters are still wet, waves are real, and Vic is still the first in and first out of the water.   Water temps are swinging from 54 to 65 these days, really!  Today’s temp was on the low end of the range.

Today, the boys were all in full gear, surfer caps and booties.  Kimberlee, the photographer today, and not pictured, wore only a bathing suit in low 50s water!  Unbelievable!   In time for this email I did not get a release from Kimberlee for the photos I did take of her coming out of the waters this morning, but believe me.  She was color coordinated with pinks, blues and chartreuse bathing suit and matching goggles.  THIS WILL BE A HIGH FASHION SEASON.  The bar has been set.

Chris Kennedy and Steve Golder.  Check out Chris!  He’s been in the gym all winter.

Steve Golden, sporting a WWII fighter pilot look.  Fashion!  I’m telling you.  It’s the new CB theme.

I really went in — believe me!  I have three witnesses.

See you Sunday, May 19th.

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