Missey & George’s Post Cohasset Tri Brunch, June 26

Here are some photos from another great Sunday brunch at Missey’s.  George did another great job preparing some wonderful eats and great Sangria, the latter of which ran out way too early.

Missey showing off her incorrect tattoo number, suggesting a whole new meaning of fashion  for “X-out.”  She likely will break her endorsement contract with Building 19.IMG_0866Mags and Trish, smiling sis-tahs in constant Tri training.  (Notice Patrick in background with a beer, still recovering from his rope-swing-Tarzan-imitation-attempt, which resulted in an accident and surgery.  Tarzan.  Really.)


“Up against the wall, everybody!”  The new stone wall below was specifically designed for such events.  Not pictured, Diane, who was working the iPhone.  (Photo Property of Lady Di Kennedy Productions, Limited – very!)

Special details:  Richard Alemian, now understanding why we do Tri’s — the After Party! Patrick with beer bottle, again.  Missey showing her X’d-Out number — Triple AAA rating, at heart. Rachel donning what is now pre-Yoga class apparel we must all add to our wardrobes (yes, she has a whole new line).  Susan McGinnis, glowing from having medalled in her age group.  George muttering to himself, “Will they ever leave?”IMG_0868.JPG

Susan McGinnis, number 993 and medalist.  (Vic the has-been, wearing a previous year CohTri T-shirt.  It’s all about the T-shirt, isn’t it?)


Susan doing the push-up squeeze to show us how well intellectually endowed she is! She applied her tattoo number on her left arm — upside down!  Yes, 366!  Go figure.  (She’s on her way to a halfway house before long. One of us has to let her know.)


CONGRATS to all you finishers!


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