Mattapoisett Tri, Sunday July 10

Fun time at the Mattapoisett sprint Tri this week.   Three CBs entered and finished the race, with both Missey and Trish lapping and beating Vic and his entire age group.

Water temps were 71 degrees!  Missey took 1st in her age group.

Mark Keup, owner of Nor’easter Surf Shop, was there. He also  medaled.  We all went to breakfast afterward at a local diner.

Fortunately, T-storm forecasts were wrong.  It was overcast and hence a perfect event day.

As pictured, Vic got center podium for ignominiously taking a Left turn out of the transition area for the run stage.  The rest of the field had rightly gone Right.

We all agreed that Missey needs a new Tri outfit — perhaps with logo endorsement patches. Her current outfit is too stodgy.

Also, we also agreed Vic needs a new bike.  So does Trish!

Next year, same event!

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