Modest but Strong Group Last Weekend


A modest yet strong group of 9 people made it out. Admittedly the water could still warm up a bit. Here’s a fun photo of four of the brave swimmers.

Same time (8am) and place (Nantasket) this Sunday weather permitting as rain is in the forecast.

And, I would love to know who plans to swim in the various swim events around the region or beyond this summer. No reason we should’ve have a calendar of what’s happening. Feel free to post in the comments or email me directly.

5 thoughts on “Modest but Strong Group Last Weekend

    • All distances and paces ranging from 1/2 mile to as much as 3 miles roundtrip. Most people arrive just before 8am to avoid parking fee. There’s usually a few that head out earlier both Sat and Sun. send me an email at if you want more details. Hope to see you out there. Take care, Tom

  1. on June 18th (Father’s Day), there is a one mile and three mile race/swim at Lake Cochituate in Wayland. I will do the 3-mile. For both distances, there is a good mix of swimmers from casual to elites.

  2. Here are the long-distance swim that I’m doing this year, some I’ve done in the past, and some I’d like to do.
    Gene Gallagher

    New England marathon swims & websites for 2017:

    Charles River 1-mile swim 6/3, 8 am $45 plus US masters reg. required (1 day USMS reg is $15). A great bumper sticker: “I swam the Charles.” (I’m swimming it again in 2017.)

    Doty Swim, L Street Bathhouse, South Boston 1 mile 6/10, 11 am gather, noon start. $10 registration. (There are usually about 30 swimmers, most without wetsuits.)

    Mashpee Super Swim ½, 1 mile & 3 mile 6/17. $40. (I swam the 3-mile in 2014-2016 and will swim it again in 2017.)

    Wayland 1- and 3-mile swim. North Lake Cochituate 6/18 1:55 time limit on 3 mile, kayak or SUP required. $125. (I haven’t swum this one and won’t in 2017.).

    Buzzards Bay 1.2-mile swim. 6/24 $25 registration and $150 fundraising. Kayak recommended but can be waived if you can document swimming ability. (I’m swimming this in 2017.)

    Narrow River Turnaround 1-mile swim North Kingstown RI, $30 6/24. (This has a great t-shirt, but I didn’t like the warm, shallow and mudddy swim.)

    Misery Island Challenge 3-mile Swim 7/15, 7:30 AM $75 Wetsuits strongly recommended with 2-hour cutoff. (I haven’t swum this, but it’s on my bucket list.)

    Peaks to Portland 2.4-mile swim. 7/22 $125 reg + $100 fundraising. Slots still available on 6/2/2017. Kayak strongly recommended, but you can swim solo if approved by the race director. (I swam this in 2016 in 68 deg calm water and swimming it again in 2017.)

    Lodie Memorial 1-mile swim, 7/22/2017, 10 AM. There is usually a $10 charge on race day. No website. (I swim this nearly every year, but I’ll miss it this year to swim the P-to-P swim.)

    Salem Wild Fish ½- 1- and 2-mile swims 8/5/17 10 am. $40 preregistration. (This is a fun swim.)

    Mighty Merrimack 1- and 2-mile swims and splash & dash. 8/6 $30. (I’ve swum the 2-mile 3x with no wetsuit in warm water and plan to swim it in 2017.)

    Gloucester Clean Harbor Swim 500 m & 1.2 miles 8/19/2017 Sa $40. (Nice fun event, but I’m doing a tri that weekend.)

    Salem Sound Swim and Fin 500 m, 1-mile and 5 km swims. 8/20/17 $40 registration. Now with a 2.5-h time limit on the 5K swim (used to be 2 h). (I’m doing a tri on 8/20).

    Swim 4 Life Provincetown Swim 1.4 miles. 9/9 $100 fundraising. (I’ve swum this very fun event twice and would like to do it again.).

    Boston Sharkfest 9/17/2017. 1500 m swim across Boston’s inner harbor. $80 (I haven’t swum this yet.)

    Kingston Lake Swim Challenge (2-, 1-, 0.5- and 400 yard swims), 10/1/2017, Kingston NH; registration information not posted as of 6/2/2017.(I haven’t swum this one.)

  3. The 7/22/2017 10 AM Lodie swim is at the L Street Bathhouse in Southie, and follows the same 0.5-mile out-and-back parallel-to-shore route as the 6/10 Jim Doty Swim. There are usually only about 20 swimmers. Jay Lodie was a devoted swimmer & South Boston High teacher. His family provides post-race cake & food in honor of Jay.

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