Memorial Day 2016 Weekend Swims

Regular swims this weekend will begin at 8:00 am to avoid the holiday weekend crowds – may need to arrive a little bit earlier to sneak threw the parking although there are new parking meters this year. If anyone is interested in an early bird swim, feel free to arrive at around 6:00 am each day starting Saturday for what will likely be a smaller crowd. The water temps are close to 60 so we’re getting a bit of a warm current just in time. The jackets and caps from the first swims of the year as shown in the spirited photos below can hopefully remain at home until October. Enjoy the weekend and see you out there.


Memorial Day Weekend Swims

For this weekend, we’re returning to the normal time, 7:45 am, leaving from the same location with a few earlier risers getting out at around 6:00am. As a reminder, all abilities welcome as are bagels, donuts, and coffee.

If anyone is concerned about the water quality, check out the story in the Globe this morning on the water quality of our area beaches surpassing the cleanliness of Waikiki and South Beach. ( While I still don’t see Nantasket Beach becoming a destination for Spring Breakers anytime soon, congratulations to Save the Harbor for all their efforts.

Annual Barnacle Splash Sun. Aug 18

This Sunday will mark the 3rd Annual Barnacle Splash Swim starting at 7:00 AM. This year we’ll be swimming from the usual starting spot at the entrance to Nantasket heading south east along the rocky coast, out and around Doctor Island, and into Black Rock Beach in Cohasset. This is 1.5 miles. If you’re winded, in need of food, or suffering from caffeine withdraw, we’ll have a car bringing people back. If however you want to continue, you can turn around and swim back, which makes the route a nice 3 miles. The tide is perfect for the swim and conditions as of now appear to be ideal.

This will be a supported swim with kayakers or paddlers along the route guiding the way and keeping an eye out for the south shore’s own indigenous venomous jumping lobsters that are starting to cause havoc on the traps. One was spotter swimming with goggles and a speedo taunting beach-goers just last weekend. Go figure?

Importantly, breakfast will be ordered. If you plan to swim, send an email to and let us know if your bfast preference is eggs, pancakes or french toast. Our friends at Toast (the restaurant) have offered to deliver. Also, Barnacle Splash Swim Caps, made up for just this occasion, have arrived. They’ll be available on Sun. for a nominal fee.

For those interested in swimming during the week, people are swimming from the usual start location at around 5:30 as the sun is rising later. Also, there have been requests for afternoon swims. If you are interested, email me at the CB address as I’m happy to put you in touch with others looking to swim. It’s always more fun in a group.

Enjoy the photos from our swim last weekend and see everyone this weekend. By the way, we’ll still be swimming Sat., with groups starting as early as 6:30 am. Random Shot Aug 11 2013 Group Photo 08.11.13

Weekend swims for July 27&28

If the rain this week has kept you confined to the indoors all week, there is no better release than a swim in the ocean. The weather is expected to clear and the water remains relatively warm for this time of year.

On Sunday July 28th, we’re going to try something a little different – we’ll be starting at the same time, 8am, but further North along Nantasket by the bath house which is about one mile from our usual starting spot. From there we can swim toward Point Allerton. The bath house has showers so this could come in handy. To get there you make a right turn just after the Nantasket Beach Resort and drive along the section that has the parallel parking spaces. Go toward the end and you’ll see the brick bath house and swimmers in speedos.

For Sat., we will meet at the usual place with swimmers showing up as early as 6:30am.

July 4 wknd review & Aug. 18 Save the Date

Sunday’s swim was perfect for concluding the holiday weekend – we had perfect conditions all four days. As usual, we had many familiar faces, but we also had some new swimmers along with drop-ins from former regulars who now reside from as nearby as Pittsburgh and as far as Paris. The random photo as seen below never gets old and our model Ted looks good in the new Crusty Barnacle hoody that he wasn’t afraid to don in the hot sun. If you placed an order for one, contact Steve to make arrangements to pick it up and if you still would like one, given the demand a second order will be going in soon.

Random Shot July 7 2013 Hoodie Model






Looking ahead, it’s time to start planning the 3rd Annual Barnacle Bash Swim, which will be held Sun. Aug. 18th this year starting at 7:00 am. Mark your calendar, as we’re doing a few things different this year to make it a bit more entertaining. First there will be two options, swimming from Nantasket to Black Rock Beach going around Doctor Island (about 1.75 miles) or Nantasket to Sandy Beach (about 3 miles). We’ll have transportation back to Nantasket from both locations along with food and drinks to re-fuel after the swim. The 7am start time is to ensure we’re finished before parking or lifeguard restrictions go into effect.

Also, if anyone is interested in early morning weekday swims starting at around 5:30 am, there will likely be a group of people throughout the week greeting the sunrise. Email if you are interested so we can make arrangements.

Lastly, be on the lookout for some future changes of venue as we will occasionally be taking the sunday swims on the road.

In the meantime, enjoy the week…







4th of July Weekend Swims…

As a reminder, we’re planning to swim yet again this Sun. at the usual time, 8am, and place, beginning of Nantasket in Hull.

There have been requests to explore the Southern Coast of Hull. For those interested, we’re planning a swim to Gunrock Breach, which is 1/2 mile from where we enter the water. It’ll be low tide so we’ll have to swim a bit further than normal to get beyond the rocks. For anyone with a bit more ambition who hasn’t already worn themselves out from the long holiday weekend, the alternate swim on Sunday will be to the Beach beneath Green Hill (the cove just before Black Rock), which is 1 mile from where we enter the water or 2 miles roundtrip.

If we get enough people confirming the swim on Sun and if you let us know which beach you plan to swim to, we can make arrangements for food or coffee at one or both beaches to give you the extra boost needed for the return swim. Anyone with a paddle board or kayak that is interested in an early morning paddle, we always appreciate the company and the escort, not to mention an extra lookout for sleek pointy fins. Based on this morning’s swim, the water is crisp and clear, not too hot and almost not too cold.

Also, there will be swimmers heading out Sat. morning from the same location leaving anywhere from 7-8am to accommodate everyone’s early weekend schedule and obligations.

Lastly and based on popular demand, a complimentary crusty barnacle exclusive open water swim clinic will be held tomorrow, Friday, at 7:30 am at Sandy Beach in Cohasset for anybody that has the day off or who may not have the day off but is deciding to take the day off anyhow.

Take care and enjoy your 4th of July celebrations.

PS – if you ordered a CB hoodie, they’ve arrived. Contact Steve G about getting yours in time for the break of the heat spell. They came out really nice. If you would like one and didn’t order one, it’s not too late, just let us know.


Thank Your Swim Coach Today

For those who have participated in a swim club as a masters, recreational, or competitive swimmer, you can appreciate the impact swim coaches can have on our lives. They come in all forms, from hard-nosed, to humorous, to quiet, to loud, but most importantly, they all are at the center of a small community of people who share a passion for swimming. And in the rare instance, you get a coach (or two) that create the perfect environment for the team they happen to coach.

I want to acknowledge and thank Candy and Andy Noble for having achieved this perfect balance and creating the close community of swimmers at the Weymouth Club over the past 13 years. On a personal level, as I was making plans to move to the Northeast from the West Coast more than four years ago, I recall an email exchange with Candy, who through her enthusiasm, told me all about the local swim and triathlon scene and invited to come to a workout once I got to town. I also vividly recall the first swim practice, where the other swimmers could not have been more welcoming. Aside from a couple of swimmers who moved out of town, every one I met on that first day remained apart of this close-knit team.

The workouts were also “smart.”  Having been a member of four masters swim teams from NY, to SF to San Diego, and most recently in Weymouth, and having swam as a guest in at least a dozen more across the country, I can tell you Andy and Candy created the most efficient workouts as far as maintaining one’s swim condition, speed and endurance. Importantly, they did so in an environment that was not too serious and mixed in the right amount of fun. For full transparency, I like to out-touch whoever’s next meet as much as the next person, but at the age of 39, I won’t be winning any Olympic qualifying events anytime soon, nor have I competed in a competitive event in more years than I can remember. But what is important to me at this age and stage of my life with a wonderful wife and young family is to enjoy being in the water.

And if you are in your own swim group, and like me have an appreciation for the hard work that your own coaches do, this story is an important lesson in reminding your swim coaches, their bosses, and their bosses bosses how much you appreciate what they do. I like my fellow swimmers unfortunately didn’t sufficiently bring this to the attention of the Weymouth Club management before said management made a bone-headed decision…

Last week our masters swim group at Weymouth learned that the Club’s management team decided to replace Candy and Andy, without advance notice, with new coaches and program that would “take it to a more instructional and, if the participant chooses, competitive direction” (stunning example of stating the obvious goal of a swim program).  How they came to this decision is a mystery as not a single person from the Weymouth Club spoke with any of the swimmers ahead of time about what their goals were or sought their input on ideas for the Master’s team. The cowardly and/or ineptly conceived way this decision was made is in stark contrast to the club’s stated goal to “make the club more family oriented.”  Clearly whoever is responsible for retaining members at the clue wasn’t consulted on this decision.

But this is not a post to bash the Weymouth Club, but one to encourage you to remember to thank your coach and most importantly, for those who swam with Candy and Andy, let’s immortalize our appreciation for all they’ve done by posting your comments and fun memories while swimming under them. Again, thank you Andy and Candy for all your coaching and I am confident we’ll all swim together again soon.