Put May 28th on the Calendar


Time to scrape off the crusty barnacles, dried seaweed and sea salt still clinging to your goggles from when you last swam in the ocean this past Fall. Hopefully everyone enjoyed the winter, but it’s time to break free from the pool and get back in the open water.

May 28th, the Sunday before Memorial day, is the best day to kick off the season at 8:00 am from the usual location at the start of Nantucket Beach. If anyone wants to join an early bird swim or get out on the Sat or Monday of the holiday weekend, send me an email or let me know in a comment below.

Water temps are finally creeping up. In a few weeks it will feel like a hot tub for Kimberlee, Ted and Chris and it will be very comfortable in a wetsuit for the rest of us mortals as the waters will no longer be anything like the nor’easter surf pictured above. In the meantime, enjoy the technicolor-green tree leaves all this wonderful rain is gifting us.

3 Crusty Barnacles compete at Marshfield/Duxbury Tri, Jul 31, 2016

Susan McGinnis, Trish Berube & Vic Lanzillotti hit the waters this morning around 7:30 at Duxbury beach.  The run out and back along the beach became adventurous as the tide rolled in and the hard packed sand disappeared and we were running in water or up along the slippery rocks.

Each CBer had a unique division placement, all good for some cocktail party banter – perhaps.

Trish ended 4th in her division. Yeah Trish!  Had she not stopped for a glass of wine in Transition 1, she would have medalled.  Not pictured below cos she left early to go walk her dog.

Susan took the gold for not only 1st in her division, but also for last!  (Now…how  is this so?  Think about it.)

Sue Marshfield

Susan & Vic

Sue Vic Marshfield

Vic, ignominiously borrowing Susan’s medal for achieving last in his over 40+ division.


A fun, flat and very  pretty race!

Full Moon Sunrise Swim

Conditions were ideal this morning for an impromptu swim, where you could catch the full moon setting to the west and a bright orange sun rising from the east at 5:25 am. At least five showed up (three pictured below in a photo captured by Solly).  Enjoy the week and if you can, try to take in a sunrise swim at some point during the week this summer – best way to start the day.


Perfect weekend to…

swim of course. Why not start your days bringing your body temp down so you remain cool? The ocean temps have consistently dropped each night to create a little bite upon entry but it feels perfect after a few strokes. And the water is clear as can be with at least 15 ft visibility this morning. Chris Kennedy can give a better answer as I noticed him swimming what looked to be in the direction of Gloucester this morning and was probably in at least 50-100 ft depth of water.

As a reminder there is a small early bird group around 6:30 am both days, and definitely the regular group start Sunday at 8am. Bring a friend to introduce them to ocean swimming and you’ll both either get a free cap or get to hear Vic recant his story about his Olympic gold medal coaching session this week.

By the way, whoever has the caps, you’ll have to bring them or we’ll have no option but to have Vic’s undivided attention.

Mattapoisett Tri, Sunday July 10

Fun time at the Mattapoisett sprint Tri this week.   Three CBs entered and finished the race, with both Missey and Trish lapping and beating Vic and his entire age group.

Water temps were 71 degrees!  Missey took 1st in her age group.

Mark Keup, owner of Nor’easter Surf Shop, was there. He also  medaled.  We all went to breakfast afterward at a local diner.

Fortunately, T-storm forecasts were wrong.  It was overcast and hence a perfect event day.

As pictured, Vic got center podium for ignominiously taking a Left turn out of the transition area for the run stage.  The rest of the field had rightly gone Right.

We all agreed that Missey needs a new Tri outfit — perhaps with logo endorsement patches. Her current outfit is too stodgy.

Also, we also agreed Vic needs a new bike.  So does Trish!

Next year, same event!

Missey & George’s Post Cohasset Tri Brunch, June 26

Here are some photos from another great Sunday brunch at Missey’s.  George did another great job preparing some wonderful eats and great Sangria, the latter of which ran out way too early.

Missey showing off her incorrect tattoo number, suggesting a whole new meaning of fashion  for “X-out.”  She likely will break her endorsement contract with Building 19.IMG_0866Mags and Trish, smiling sis-tahs in constant Tri training.  (Notice Patrick in background with a beer, still recovering from his rope-swing-Tarzan-imitation-attempt, which resulted in an accident and surgery.  Tarzan.  Really.)


“Up against the wall, everybody!”  The new stone wall below was specifically designed for such events.  Not pictured, Diane, who was working the iPhone.  (Photo Property of Lady Di Kennedy Productions, Limited – very!)

Special details:  Richard Alemian, now understanding why we do Tri’s — the After Party! Patrick with beer bottle, again.  Missey showing her X’d-Out number — Triple AAA rating, at heart. Rachel donning what is now pre-Yoga class apparel we must all add to our wardrobes (yes, she has a whole new line).  Susan McGinnis, glowing from having medalled in her age group.  George muttering to himself, “Will they ever leave?”IMG_0868.JPG

Susan McGinnis, number 993 and medalist.  (Vic the has-been, wearing a previous year CohTri T-shirt.  It’s all about the T-shirt, isn’t it?)


Susan doing the push-up squeeze to show us how well intellectually endowed she is! She applied her tattoo number on her left arm — upside down!  Yes, 366!  Go figure.  (She’s on her way to a halfway house before long. One of us has to let her know.)


CONGRATS to all you finishers!


Swim Caps and Sunday June 26

For those not participating in a triathlon on Sun (which is also a lot of fun) and will insted be swimming, Crusty Barnacle swim caps from last summer will be available first come first serve. I just looked and saw the water temp is above 65 for the first time this year, so it’ll be perfect. I’ll be an observer but will be happy to take the group photo and send everyone off.

The last few months we’ve received questions in the general email box which I apologize I am only now opening up for the first time in more than six months. To answer some of your questions, there is not registration and swimmers of all abilities are welcome unless your name is Vic in which case, that’s just unique circumstance that we’ll have to handle accordingly. As a reminder, the meeting place is the first beach entrance in Hull off of Nantasket Ave (Route 228) – take a right after the bait shop and you will see a crumbling and condemned restaurant called Beach Fire.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Ideal conditions for the weekend

If you can make it, get on out for a swim sat and sun. Early bird at 6:15/6:30 am and regular group swim at 8:00 am. Water well above 60 with calm clear waters both days. And if you can’t make the weekends, there is a growing number coming out early during the week. Photos from the past few weeks will be posted soon so stay tuned

Memorial Day 2016 Weekend Swims

Regular swims this weekend will begin at 8:00 am to avoid the holiday weekend crowds – may need to arrive a little bit earlier to sneak threw the parking although there are new parking meters this year. If anyone is interested in an early bird swim, feel free to arrive at around 6:00 am each day starting Saturday for what will likely be a smaller crowd. The water temps are close to 60 so we’re getting a bit of a warm current just in time. The jackets and caps from the first swims of the year as shown in the spirited photos below can hopefully remain at home until October. Enjoy the weekend and see you out there.


Early Start to Season

Crusty Barnacles are getting off to an early start to the season this Sunday, April 24 – the meet time is 8-8:30 at the same usual location at the entrance to Nantasket Beach (1st parking lot entrance on right off 228). It may only be a dip, but for those more ambitious swim folk, bring your thick skin, cold blood, or wetsuit depending on your tolerance for what could potentially be less than tropical water temps. Oh, and don’t forget goggles, towel, coffee and conversant humor – seriously.